skriblCMS v2.7 (148) - added data module and multiple updates

CMS v2.7 (148)

List of changes and improvements for skriblCMS version v2.7 (148)

  • added new data module to manage data - for example store locations, members, products, reports, events etc... Easy and customized data input. Export data to csv or Excel file. The data module is now part of skriblCMS and available to all.
  • added new input type: Google maps location. Set map center/zoom and drag the marker to the exact location
  • minor CSS fixes and performance updates
  • several minor bugfixes
  • load jQuery locally
  • load Google font locally
  • updated HTML editor to v4.7.1
  • load HTML editor locally
  • updated Simple line icons to v2.4.0
  • bumped version to v2.7

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