skriblCMS updates and version history

skriblCMS version history

skriblCMS updates

skriblCMS is actively maintained and is constantly in development  to add new features and improve stability and security.


v2.7 (173) / 2019-02-17
Minor code changes after server updated to php-fpm and HTTP/2 for better security and performance Read more
v2.7 (172) / 2018-09-24
Added extra security layer admin + minor bugfixes and improvements Read more
v2.7 (171) / 2018-03-23
Installed commercial license for filemanager Read more
v2.7 (170) / 2018-03-23
Updated filemanager and automatic thumbnail creation for uploaded images Read more
v2.7 (169) / 2018-03-16
small bugfixes and improvements Read more
v2.7 (168) / 2018-02-16
security updates and unsaved changes warning Read more
v2.7 (167) / 2018-02-02
security updates, AVG compliant and minor other updates and bugfixes Read more
v2.7 (166) / 2017-08-14
updated twitter bootstrap and jquery to latest versions Read more
v2.7 (165) / 2017-06-16
added admin breadcrumb and updated filemanager to latest version Read more
v2.7 (164) / 2017-06-09
added two factor authentication for improved security Read more