SSL certificate to secure your website

SSL certificate

Gain more trust with an SSL certificate

Both the standard and large packages include a free SSL certificate to make your new website secure. It will encrypt all information that is sent over the internet. This will also help you gain more trust from your visitors. The website address will automatically start with https:// instead of http://.

Your website will be secure

Not only will the website be secure but also all files (images and documents) you upload. This means that no one can alter any files that you let your visitors download.


From an SEO perspective, you should also care about SSL. According to Google HTTPS is a ranking signal. Do keep in mind that this is currently a small ranking signal and using SSL won't put you automatically on #1. Still, it does help!

The admin (CMS) will also be secure

At the same time, the admin will be secured as well. This adds a lot to your security as well as all data from managing the website, including your login credentials, are encrypted.

For all the above reasons we strongly advise to have your site secured with our SSL certificate. Both the standard package and the large package include the SSL certificate without any additional costs. For more info check skriblCMS pricing and packages.