skriblCMS SEO report is your personal SEO consultant

SEO report

A personal SEO consultant

skriblCMS offers an SEO report for every page that will help you optimize your content for search engines. Everytime you save a page the skriblCMS SEO score will be calculated. Currently, it looks at 20+ different SEO metrics. These are all well-known SEO best practices. The SEO score and SEO report show you where you can improve your content and act as your personal SEO consultant on every page.

Important skriblCMS SEO metrics

  • Page title META tag: checks for optimal length and checks if the page title is unique on your website. The page title is a required field when saving a (new) page - so the page title is always present.
  • Page description META tag: checks for optimal length and checks if the page description is unique on your website. The page description META tag is also a required field. Both the page title and page description are important SEO metrics.
  • META robot tag
  • Page URL - when saving a page with skriblCMS you always create SEO friendly page URLs. We check if they are not too long or too short.
  • H1, H2 and H3 tags presence
  • Usage of strong and emphasize to mark important keywords
  • Images and alt texts on your page
  • content / HTML ratio - checks if the actual content is in proportion to the used HTML code

But the report also includes:

  • List of keywords used on the page in order of significance
  • Three screenshots of the page for desktop, tablet and mobile phone

So how does it work?

While you are editing a page - the SEO score is visible. When you click on the score the SEO report pops up:

skriblCMS SEO report - page has some SEO issues that need to be fixed.

In this case, the SEO score is pretty low (48%). Some important metrics have errors. When we fix these errors our SEO score improves a lot:

skriblCMS SEO report - issues have been fixed

As soon as your SEO score is green you will know that this page has implemented SEO best practices which will help your content to be found better.

Did you focus on the correct keywords?
Check the second tab on the SEO report to see a list of keywords found on the page ordered by significance.

skriblCMS - SEO report second TAB: keyword list for this page ordered by significance.

Mobile rendering preview
Click the third tab on the SEO report to get a preview of how the page looks on mobile devices. A preview is generated for a tablet and a mobile smartphone.

skriblCMS - SEO report third tab: preview of your page on mobile devices: a tablet and a smart phone

High-quality content

Please note - the SEO report does not measure if your content is accurate, useful or relevant. High-quality content is still the most important SEO metric there is.