Content management without a hassle

Easy management

No more trying to locate that one page

If you've managed a website before - especially larger sites - you know the pain of trying to locate the page you need to edit. Many content management systems are presenting the content as a long list of pages. Sometimes the content is divided across multiple modules - which makes locating content even harder.

skriblCMS has implemented multiple ways to locate a page fast and easy:

  • All content is located in the 'content' module. So you know where to look.
  • The content is presented in the current menu structure (menu mode). This makes locating content easy and fast.
  • The content can also be presented as a list - showing all subpages at the same time (list mode). The admin can toggle between the menu mode and the list mode. The list mode shows the page title which makes it easy to identify the page. It also shows the SEO score.
  • The content module has a search page function where pages can be selected by name / tag or page id. The search function is interactive.
  • When an admin is logged in, the website will display the skriblCMS admin bar at the bottom of the page. The admin bar has an 'edit page' button.

List pages - for example news articles
When a lot of content is expected, skriblCMS uses 'list pages'. List pages will not show their subpages in the menu. This would be very unpractical in case there are more than 20 pages. The list would be too long. This is solved by the list pages view where sub pages (items) are presented in a paginated list.

Page menu order
It is easy to change the page menu order - just use drag and drop.

Page management