skriblCMS uses a cookieless domain for static content

Cookieless domain

Cookieless domain for serving static content

In the list of web performance best practices and rules there is a rule about serving static content from a cookieless or cookie-free domain. This makes perfect sense for static content. JS and CSS files, images and other documents (for example PDF documents for downloading) are static content and don't need to be accompanied by cookies. When you use a cookieless domain - these resources will load faster.

skriblCMS uses a cookieless domain automatically.
You don't need to worry about this - every image you upload will go directly to our cookieless domain. Also the JS and CSS files used in the templates are located on this cookieless domain. This results in a faster page. Page speed is an important ranking signal because nobody loves a slow loading website.

Faster, but also more secure

Our cookieless domain makes your website faster, but also more secure. The cookieless domain does not run any PHP code - so if malicious code was included in a fake image and uploaded using skriblCMS - it will not be able to run and thus be completely harmless.