301 Redirects mangement - redirect old URL to a new URL.

301 Redirects module

Never lose a visitor or backlink again

Redirection is the proces of forwarding a URL (most likely an URL that does not exist anymore) to a different URL. If you rename or delete a page then links on other websites (or sometimes even links from your own website) won't work anymore. You want to forward the old URL to the new URL to prevent visitors from getting lost, and most likely lose them when they hit a '404 - page not found' page.

Manage 301 redirects directly from skriblCMS. You can add as many 301 redirects as you need without any technical knowledge (no more .htaccess rewrite rules).

SEO impact
You may lose a lot of backlinks when you delete or rename a page. This will impact your ranking. So make sure to add a 301 redirect.