skriblCMS website design and responsive templates

skriblCMS templates

From Photoshop files to skriblCMS templates

skriblCMS is the content management system for custom websites. The process is roughly as follows:

  1. The design agency designs the look and feel for the website using Photoshop
  2. The client approves the design
  3. Conversion from Photoshop files to responsive HTML5 files
  4. Client approves the HTML5 files
  5. Creation of skriblCMS templates from the HTML5 files and configuration of skriblCMS to customize the admin

The one-off fee on the pricing page is for step 5. in the above list. The amount and complexity of the templates / input fields will be different for each website and that is the reason we cannot predict the exact one-off fee. For the avarage site the costs will be around € 750. We will need the HTML5 templates to create a quote.

Photoshop to responsive HTML5

This is an important step. The HTML5 files need to be technically correct and prepared for usage in an CMS. And quite important: they will need to be responsive. We are specialized in converting (layered) Photoshop files to responsive HTML files. If you want to do it yourself (or your design agency) please contact us before you start. There are some technical guidelines that will save you some money for step 5.

Use premium templates
If you have found a fitting template on a template website - that will work as well! Basically you will replace stap 1 - 3 by finding a template online. This will only work if the template is a pure HTML5 template (Wordpress or Joomla templates will not work) and the code should be clean and without errors.

Please note: Bad coded HTML5 templates will cost more to convert to skriblCMS templates.

We have used templates from before and their templates work well. There are many other places where you can buy HTML5 templates. If you want to be sure if a template will work with skriblCMS - contact us before buying.