About skriblCMS - the SEO driven content management system

About skriblCMS

skriblCMS - a little history

skriblCMS is created by skribl and we have been developing websites since 1999.

skriblCMS was born after we created numerous custom content management systems for our clients. These websites all had their own unique look and feel - created by design agencies. All of these websites had their own list of specific requirements for the front-end and back-end.

Creating custom websites is fun and the results are great - the client is very happy with their customized website and admin. Maintaining a website is a lot easier when the admin is in line with the content. Maintaining the code of the CMS is a lot more time consuming when every CMS is different. Code maintenance is important to keep the CMS stable, fast and safe. skriblCMS solves this problem as the code base is the same for every website, but the user interface is 100% customized.

A different view on website management

In the previous customized content management systems we created a module for everything: a module for news items, a module for FAQ items, events, products and articles. skriblCMS uses only one module for managing content: the content module. This means all content is managed in the same way which results in a very short learning curve.

skriblCMS presents the content (the pages) in the same structure as on your website. This makes locating content a lot easier and makes the admin more connected with the actual website. A long list of pages on no particular order makes no sense to us. Especially when you're managing 100+  pages!

Content pages and list pages
We recognize that when you're adding news items;the list of items can grow pretty fast. It is not practical to have a list of 50+ items on the page without a form of pagination. That is why we implemented list pages. A list page wil contain list items and list items are presented in a paginated list. It does not matter if you have 20, 200 or 2000 news items.

SEO best practices
We belive that organic traffic is the best way to get visitors to your website. You want your content to be found! That is why we implemented important SEO practices directly within skriblCMS. We also added a dedicated SEO report for every page to guide you as your personal SEO consultant. We have implemented a lot of SEO features.

High quality and user friendly
We believe that all the difference is made in the details - so we will keep improving skriblCMS. If you have questions or any other feedback about skriblCMS we would love to hear it.