SEO report

SEO reportEach page has its own full SEO report with 20+ SEO best practices that will guide you to create the best optimized page.

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SSL certificateFor better security and more trust from your visitors your site is secured with our included SSL certificate.

skriblCMS: the user friendly SEO driven CMS

Stop struggling with content management and start publishing your message!

We know your pain when it comes to managing your website. You start adding high quality content and before you know it, your site has multiple pages and you're spending hours locating content that you need to manage. But don't worry - skriblCMS is a user driven content management system (CMS) who puts the user first with easy content management, an optimized work flow and a clean interface.

And since you want your content to be found, you will need to make sure you know at least the SEO basics. And apply these to every page. Did you know that you should not use the same page title twice? Now you do - but how do you keep track if your site has 100+ pages? Don't worry - skriblCMS is a SEO driven content management system that will guide you in creating optimized content.

Lots of cool features!

By building skriblCMS we solved many problems that users encountered when managing their websites. We won't display your content as a long list of pages but they are organized the same way as your menu structure. A list is also availabe but it still has the menu structure to make sure you won't get lost. And there are even more ways to quickly locate your content. Read more about our stress-free ways to locate your content with skriblCMS.

How about those SEO best practices? For that we have built in an SEO report for every page. Currently this report will check your page for more than 20 SEO "rules" and will help you optimize your content every time. Unique page titles across your complete website? This report will check that for you. Check out this awesome feature that no other CMS will offer you. It is like having your own SEO specialist every time you manage your website.

Choose skriblCMS for your website

Because skriblCMS is a professional, responsive and fast CMS and puts you and SEO content both first. And since it is 100% customized for your website, it provides you with exactly what you need. Contact us now!

skriblCMS: 100% customized for you

The skriblCMS admin is customized and optimized for your website. Your website is unique and so is your admin. This means that all fields in the admin make sense to you. It will make content management easier and faster and clear for every admin.